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Welcome to Raw War Paintball

Unleash Your Inner Warrior at Raw War Paintball! With Safe, Exciting, and Fun Adventures for Kids 9+

The premier destination for schools and colleges seeking an exhilarating adventure in the scenic forests the Lake District, Cumbria. With our cutting-edge low impact paintball guns, we offer an exceptional experience that combines safety, skill-building, and personal growth.

Unmatched Safety with Low Impact Paintball Guns

At Raw War Paintball, safety is our top priority. We utilize the latest technology in low impact paintball guns, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Our low impact guns significantly reduce the impact, allowing everyone to fully immerse themselves in the game without compromising safety. As the only site in Cumbria offering this advanced equipment, we provide a unique and secure environment for your students

Two Decades of Safety and Excellence

With over two decades of operation, Raw War Paintball has established a reputation for its unwavering commitment to safety. Our experienced team has created a controlled and secure setting where your students can engage in thrilling paintball battles with peace of mind. Join the ranks of numerous schools and colleges who have entrusted us with their students’ well-being and unforgettable experiences.

Exceptional Team Building and Confidence Building

Raw War Paintball’s activities are specifically designed to enhance team building, confidence, and personal growth. Engaging in strategic challenges and intense battles fosters effective communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. Your students will learn to rely on each other, overcome obstacles, and build lasting bonds. As they conquer the battlefield with low impact paintball guns, they will develop essential life skills that extend beyond the paintball arena.

Aligning with School Curriculum and Personal Development

Our thrilling low impact paintball activities align with various educational objectives, making them an ideal addition to your school’s curriculum. Raw War Paintball promotes personal and social development by improving communication and listening skills, teaching dedication and commitment, and fostering maturity and respect. These invaluable qualities empower students to become leaders and positively influence their peers, while simultaneously earning the respect and admiration of their fellow teammates.

Rewarding Pupils for Good Endeavors

Raw War Paintball provides an excellent opportunity to reward students for their outstanding efforts and achievements. Whether it’s for academic excellence, exemplary behavior, or active participation in school activities, our low impact paintball adventure serves as a tangible incentive that motivates and inspires. Recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments with an action-packed day at Raw War Paintball encourages continued growth and success.

Trusted and Recommended

With well over 100 Google 5-star reviews, Raw War Paintball has earned the trust and endorsement of the community. Our commitment to safety, exceptional experiences, and positive impact on students’ personal and social development resonates with parents who value the well-being and growth of their children.

Choose Raw War Paintball for an Unforgettable Experience

Raw War Paintball offers an adventure unlike any other in the forests of Cumbria. With our cutting-edge low impact paintball guns, we prioritize safety without compromising the excitement. From our unmatched safety standards and state-of-the-art equipment to our dedication to team building and personal development, we provide an experience that aligns with school curricula while creating lasting memories. Join us at Raw War Paintball and give your students an extraordinary experience that will shape their character, strengthen their skills, and leave them with a profound sense of accomplishment. Contact us now to plan an unforgettable trip!