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We are proud to announce we now offer an Airsoft experience here at Raw War Paintball and Airsoft. Our all-inclusive package is an experience you, your friends and your colleagues won’t forget!

Airsoft is a live combat simulation in which two or more teams are pitched against each other in a game of fitness, skill, determination, tactics, psychology and wits. Players battle with each other with replica firearms which fire small, light plastic pellets at high speed (usually firing around 15 BB’s per second and up to 350 feet per second muzzle velocity).

The ammunition does make a a very noticeable smack when it hits another player and it does hurt, it’s not the faint hearted.

Airsoft weapons are also very very realistic looking guns. They are the same weight and have the same moving parts, they were designed for the military as they needed a replica training weapon.

For more information please get in touch to discuss.

We hold monthly games usually on a Sunday and have started to branch out into Battlesim and Milsim events that provide a further immersion into the sport, standard game days run from 08:30 through till 16:30 whereas special events are normally held over a 2 day period, for more information on this please see our special events page. 

We occasionally hold build days to enable progress of the site, to make new objectives or repair old ones and also to clean the site up. If everyone pulls their weight, upon completion of the build we hold an afternoon game as a thank you for your efforts.

The site is a large site with a mix of buildings and woodland areas plenty of room to get yourself lost!! but don’t worry there is boundary fences to keep you contained.

We have a full Marshall team on hand to keep you right and will give you their ear if you have a problem whether you are 12 to 104 years old. We have no upper cap on the age that comes to our site all we ask is you are medically able to play. 12 to 18 year old’s must be willing to wear full face protection as per our insurance limitations.

We are a fully insured site, we have fully trained first aiders and have mobile coverage on 98% of our site. We provide a full safety brief at the start of each game, build day and special event we hold. We expect all players to act with honesty, integrity and safety at all times. We are there to have fun!!!!!

We do offer full hire packages and have a resident gun techs who are able to service your wildest fantasies when it comes to upgrading or or simply repairing your collections (believe us it starts with 1 and ends up more).